China International Investment Promotion Agency

To further promote bilateral investment between China and Germany and implement the mutual understanding between heads of the two countries, Investment Promotion Agency of the Ministry of Commerce of China have established China International Investment Promotion Agency (Germany) (hereinafter referred as the Centre Germany) in Frankfurt on July 2014. China’s commerce minister, Gao Hucheng and Germany’s deputy prime minister and minister of economic affairs, Gabriel unveiled the plaque for the center on Oct 10th, 2014. It marks the beginning of the first Chinese national-level overseas investment promotion agency has been put into operation.

  1. Establishment Background

On August 2012 and May 2013, then Premier Wen Jiabao and current Premier Li Keqiang proposed respectively during the meeting with Germany Chancellor Merkel that “In order to promote Chinese and German enterprises to enlarge bilateral investment service, the Ministry of Commerce of China (hereinafter referred as MOFCOM) will propel the establishment of investment promotion agencies in Germany” and “Initiate Sino-Germany Economic Advisory Committee, establish Germany and China Chamber of Commerce and set up investment promotion agency in Germany, promoting investment cooperation”.

  1. Function Orientation

As the platform of bilateral investment promotion for China and Germany, the Centre Germany will carry forward the bilateral investment promotion work on the principle of “Basing Germany, facing the Europe, serving the whole nation and prioritizing partner”.

  1. Work Task

(1) Provide outbound service-supporting platform for the increasing investment cooperation requirement to Germany and Europe from provinces, cities, park zones and enterprises. Gather bilateral investment cooperation information and engage in channel-expanding, project contact, planning, consultation and follow-up service.

(2) Directly contact small and medium enterprises in Germany and Europe and related profession associations and build “the platform of matchmaking promotion for small and medium enterprises from China and Europe”, promoting the effective network between Europe and Chinese resource.

(3) Organize enterprises from Germany and Europe to participate some main investment fairs in China and promote match-making and negotiation and organize Chinese enterprises to participate related investment promotion activities in Germany and Europe.

(4) Engage in the business of China-Funded enterprises and chambers of commerce in Germany. Provide service related to the right protection, investment promotion and risk warning for China-Funded enterprises and maintain their legitimate rights.

(5) Advertise investment policy and environment of China in Germany and Europe, draft and implement the work plan of CIPA in terms of investment promotion in Germany and Europe.

(6) Establish close relationship with international economic organizations and investment promotion agencies in Germany and Europe and carry out substantial cooperation and provide convenient and efficient service for them to enhance the economic and trade exchange and cooperation.

(7) Plan and organize professional training, research and activity related to bilateral investment promotion.

  1. Contact Us

Contact Person:

  • Xu Yaojun (Director)
  • Tang Zheng (Deputy Director)

Address: GbR Bockenheimer Landstr. 61

Myliusstraße 24

60323 Frankfurt am Main